We answer your questions

How do I make the reservation?

On the website, go to Apartments and Rates. Select dates and number of guests. Choose from the available units the one that interests you the most. Accept the Terms and Conditions and choose the Payment method you prefer.

How do I pay the reservation?

When making the Reservation, you choose the payment method (Bank Card, PayPal or Bank Transfer)

Can I pay with Card?

Yes. You can pay by Bank Card, PayPal or Bank transfer.

Can I pay in 2 installments?

Yes. Contact us before.

Are there restaurants in the area?

Yes. Within walking distance, there are at least 15 restaurants (and new ones open every year) with a wide variety of prices and specialties. Some with Delivery service.

Are there stores and groceries nearby?

Yes. A short distance from the apartment, between 5 and 10 minutes there are several shops and markets where you can do your shopping.
If you want to make a big purchase, there are several supermarkets within 10 minutes by car, bus or taxi.

Who will deliver me the keys?

Upon arrival we will be waiting to give you the keys to the apartment and we will give you all the necessary information for your stay.

Can we get there at night?

Yes. It is important that you notify us of your arrival time as soon as possible. We recommend using the trusted taxi service that knows the apartments and brings you directly.
We will give you the keys and the next day we will give you all the information for your stay.

Do you have a washing machine?

Yes. You have access to the washing area where you can use the washing machine. You can also order an iron and ironing board at any time during your stay.

Is there a place to park? Is it free?

Yes. There is a place to park on the street near the apartment. It's free.

Is it a shared apartment?

No. The apartment is whole for you.

Do you provide towels and bed linen?

Yes. You have bed linen, bath and beach towels.

There's Internet? Is it free?

Yes. We have internet and it's free.

Are beach chairs and umbrellas included in the price?

Yes. We have exclusive beach chairs and umbrellas for the use of our guests.

Is the area safe?

Yes. Our community and the area is safe. In addition to the security of Los Corales, we have a private residential security.

Can I book on behalf of someone else?

Yes. It is necessary that you send us the detailed information of the person or persons who will occupy the apartment. However, the reservation payment must be accompanied by additional information. See here

Is there transportation from the Airport?

There is no shuttle service. The fastest and safest way is the Taxi. We suggest you use a trustworthy one. We can help you with it.

Can we check-in before 15:00?

Check-in time is 3:00 PM, but we can store your luggage while enjoying the beach and restaurants in the area.
Of course, if the apartment is ready before, we will let you know.

Can we leave the apartment later than check-out time?

Check out time is 12:00, but we can store your luggage while you enjoy the beach and restaurants in the area until your departure.

Can I organize a party in the apartment?

No. Parties are not allowed.

Are children accepted?

Yes. Children are welcom. The complex is small, family and safe. It is necessary that an adult is always in the care of children.

Do you have a cot?

Yes. It is advisable to give advance notice to reserve and prepare it. It admits babies up to 3 years old.

Do you offer daily cleaning and linen change service?

No. The guest is in charge of cleaning during their stay.

Do you have a hair dryer?

Yes. You should ask our assistant when you arrive or when you need it.

Where can I hang laundry clothes?

Each apartment has a drying rack where you can dry your laundry. Hanging clothes on balconies and on furniture is prohibited.

Do you offer breakfast?

No. There are several places within walking distance where you can have delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Do you have a pool?

No. Our complex is small and right on the beach.

What extra expenses do I have to pay?

Please note that electricity is not included as in many Airbnbs around the island. An average responsible electric user could pay up $2 to $3 per day ($4 to $6 in a two bedroom unit). To avoid an above average cost of electricity, please turn everything off when you leave the place.

Why is electricity not included in the price?

To avoid abuse, electricity is not included. We offer good service at a fair price. That is why the cost of electricity is not included. It is not fair that we charge a higher price just because some customers may consume more than necessary. Cost for responsible use $2 to $3 per day ($4 to $6 in a two bedroom unit).

How is electricity paid?

Electricity is paid in cash before departure.
Upon arrival we do a meter reading with you and also before your departure. You have access to the meter with your apartment number.

How much does electricity cost?

An average responsible electric user could pay up $2 to $3 per day $4 to $6 in a two bedroom unit). The price per kW is RD $ 20.

Can I bring guests to the apartment?

Yes. You can take guests to the apartment at your own risk and not to exceed 2 people in one-bedroom apartments and 4 in 2-bedroom apartments. The rules of good coexistence and rest of the neighbours must be respected.

I have lost the keys of the apartment.

In case of loss of keys, the lock must be changed and a technician will replace the old one with a new one. The amount will be charged to the guest.

Can I drink the tap water?

Tap water is not drinkable. Yes it can be used for showering and washing dishes or for cooking. It is recommended to use the water from the existing cooler in the apartment.

Where do I buy more water?

If you need to replace the water tank, you just need to order a new one and our assistant will bring you a full one to the apartment. It costs $ 2.

Why do I have to leave a deposit?

A deposit must be left to cover any loss or damage caused in the apartment. It is also used to pay for electricity consumption.

Activities and Excursions

We do not offer services but we can recommend trusted companies.

Does the apartment have a beach view?

Most apartments have a garden view, but the complex is small and all of them are just a few steps from the beach. You can go barefoot from the apartment to the beach.

About COVID 19

We have adapted our cleaning protocols and follow the government's instructions. We disinfect all objects and parts accessible at the exit of each guest and before the entry of the next. We also clean and disinfect the beach chairs daily.
Your security is also ours.